Big Rig Show and Shine 2014 was incredible

Pro-Trucker magazine did an amazing job at throwing the biggest truckers party of the year in Chilliwack on July 5th and 6th. John White and his family worked tirelessly to make certain that everyone was happy, and they were. You should have seen the steaks that they put on the BBQ. The trucks, their owners and all of their supporters were treated to a spectacular event. Gravel trucks, loggers, crane trucks, classics I even saw a supercharged motor in a tiny Toyota truck.

Chrome, gorgeous paint jobs that looked a mile deep and truck interiors that look like they belonged on a 747 jetliner. And thats just before the doors opened at 9 AM on the first day. Here’s what I observed. Truckers everywhere. Who would have thought. Not only that, but they actually talked to each other. In this day and age of the internet we become accustomed to Facebooking, Twittering and emailing everyone to the point where we tend to distance ourselves away from getting together physically where we can shake hands and tell tall stories about our adventures out on the road.

We set up a Webcast booth and invited vendors, truck owners and we even convinced a visitor to sit down to have an interview. Turns out, he was a pilot for over 30 years in Canada’s great white north. He also worked for the RCMP most of his adult life. Here’s the tie in with the truckers. He flew into the areas where the ice road truckers drove. He told me that over 10,000 trucks went over a particular route in just one year in Canada’s arctic.

There were more interviews that we did, one with Scott Casey who let us know he has written a book about his experiences in the Military. Don’t miss this series of Webcast shows when they come out. Scott has a no nonsense way of cutting through the clutter of communication and not only presents himself well in front of a camera and a microphone, but I had an opportunity to read several chapters of his book. He actually wrote it on an Ipod. Whenever he remembered something, or had a free moment for his book, he would grab the Ipod and add to the project bit by bit. Now, the book is over 300 pages. Now thats dedication.

Sitting down with one of the judges of the Big Rig Show and Shine we had a great conversation about safety, new rules concerning the electronic boxes that have to be fully installed and used by every trucker by 2015 and many other topics. Just wait until you hear the rest of the interview.
Oh, and by the way we are planning to make all of the video interviews optimized for your mobile devices (tablets and Smartphones) so all of you truckers can watch them when you safely pull off of the road. As a matter of fact, there’s even a wordpress widget we can load onto the website that will allow truckers on the road to send in quick articles as ‘guest bloggers’. Hey, why should we not invite truckers to blog about what they are doing on the job.

We will do some research on the newest technology to make it much easier for you the readers to contribute to the success of Pro-Trucker magazine. Imagine being able to send in great pictures, stories, even videos from your smartphone directly to the website. The purpose is to make Pro Trucker as interactive as possible. If you have a question about the magazine, technology in the trucking industry, any kind of training that is relevant to you as a professional driver, we can put it in a forum in a special section of the website, then either answer your questions by email or through a video Webcast for everyone to see the answers. We know that if one driver has the question, its a good bet that others are looking for answers but just haven’t asked yet.

And, are you ready for this? We can also look into the possibility of creating an App for Pro-Trucker Magazine. Load it onto your Android (sorry Apple fanboys and fangirls) because of Apples strict rules, for now the App can only be created in the Android environment. Here’s a tip. There is a company that sells small little sensors for a very reasonable price that you can stick on your truck windows, dash, tractor or even doors and windows at home. They measure temperature, motion and even orientation and when the sensor is tripped, it sends a signal to your Smartphone to let you know that you should check out what is happening. The website is called ‘’ The system needs to be hooked up to your router at home and wirelessly monitors activity. At this time, I am looking into a system that can be used remotely on the road so you can monitor your tractor when you are away. We will bring you updates as we find them.

Let’s talk about the Big Rig Show and Shine, and how the owners got their rigs so shiny. What do you use for wax, tire gel, chrome polish, synthetic polish leather and vinyl cleaner for the interior and even the glass cleaner. Do you have the ‘holy grail’ of the clean machine, or do you have boxes and boxes of half full bottles of liquid goop that just haven’t given you the results you want.