Mike’s Steak Out Show

Mike Supports Local Business.

Mike Has The Answers For Perfect Cooking.

Mike appreciates his staff. When was the last time you heard of a business owner praise his staff on a video podcast? Mike considers his staff a part of his family, and he could not run his business without them. Thanks Guys (and Gals)

Discount Membership Card. At Mike’s steak shop we know you love to enjoy our products. That’s why we have created the Membership Discount Card so you can save 5% on your purchase. It’s Mike’s way of saying ‘Thank You’ to all the great clients who support us in our community.

Cooked Meat Needs To Rest. When you allow your roast, steak, chops, chicken or other meats to rest after cooking, it is still cooking from the inside, and should rest before you slice into it. In this snippet, Mike tells us about the procedure, and why its so important.

Let’s Drink To That! Mike and I had such a great time talking about his shop, his clients and his staff we thought we would celebrate by having some homemade lemonade. Take 6 apples, 2 lemons (keep the skins on the lemons) put them through a juicer with a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, and there you have it. (And no, in case your wondering, we did not put any alcohol in Mike’s drink)

It’s easy to overcook meat. Just a few minutes more in the oven, or on the grill and you have completely overcooked your meat. Mike talks about this important rule, and how to get the best value out of your meats.

Mike’s ‘FOOD THERAPY’ webcast. This is where Mike tell you how important it is to slow our busy lives down, enjoy our family and make food a part of the social structure within the home.

A Matter Of Trust. Mike has always lived by a very strong business philosophy. Keep your store clean, serve your clients well and you will establish a trustworthy bond. If you can’t trust the business you are dealing with, you probably won’t be back. That’s why Mike’s Steak Out has such a large following in the Abbotsford area.

Cryovac services offered for free. When you go into Mike’s Steak out, just him to Cryovac the meat and fish that you want to freeze or keep in the fridge for a longer period of time. This is especially a fantastic service when you go camping and need to make sure your food is an fresh in a day or two as it was when it left Mike’s store.
Get ready for summer with fantastic meats, fish, sauces, desserts and more at Mike’s Steak Out. We are excited to bring you a series of webcasts featuring ‘Mike’ himself. Join us as we have him in studio and in his store as well. Summer is just around the corner and its time to hear the sizzle of fresh, tantalizing meats and fish as you relax in your back yard. We plan on making Mike’s your ‘One Stop Bar-B-Que Shop’. We will be Face-booking and Twittering about the specials coming up that Mike has planned. Enjoy the show.
Find Mike’s Steak out at: Unit 105, 2100 Whatcom Rd, Abbotsford. Phone Mike at 604-853-7080.