Reflexology With Cindy Richard (GroundWorks)

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What Happens During A Reflexology Session

Breaking Down The Reflexes

Cindy At The Farmers Market In Abbotsford

Cindy’s Training And Credentials

You can reach Cindy at: 604-615-2024.

Cindy is a certified Reflexologist with the ‘Canadian Association of Reflexology’
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BLOG: Reflexology has been accepted by some major insurance companies for a few years now. Cindy Richards knows that the art and science of reflexology has the ability to ‘relax’ someone’s feet and hands. So, what happens when you have a session with Cindy and your feet and hands are relaxed? It usually means that some other areas of your body as well as your mind may follow suit. A reflexology session gives you an opportunity to put your world on hold, be still and have someone pamper you while pressing on powerful and potent reflex spots.

It’s amazing just how much of a difference it can make when you take time for yourself, because quite often we are running around multi-tasking from your job or career to driving the kids to sports, school, doctors, family outings and more. Reflexology is designed to connect to a nerve using a gently pressure, and that nerve sends a signal to either become passive or active within the body. It’s a specific therapeutic language that can increase energy, decrease stress and tension as well as normalize the bodies rhythms.