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BLOG ARTICLE___________Here’s a recap of the video above.
(1) Its free. I mean totally, unequivocally free. Now, sometimes free can be a bad thing, but look at your email. Is it free? How about facebook. Is it free? How about your local library. Its free as well. Don’t discount things that are free. Instead, free is often overlooked and underrated. My suggestion is to try experimenting with twitter as many ways as you can.

Click here for the official twitter business page.

Take a look at how Best Buy uses twitter for technical support for their clients.

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Follow Twitter Business on Twitter, sign up or sign in here.

(2) It creates excitement: How you ever hear of a fellow named Gary Vaynerchuk? Check out his twitter account here. Those who choose to take the time to create a twitter account, spend time nurturing it (yes, you have to spend time nurturing it, no matter what anyone tells you) you will find a wonderful phenomenon that happens to you almost automatically. You start to get really good at it, and it becomes enjoyable.

(3) Uses social media to advertise your business. When you talk on the phone, there is a certain ‘polite social aspect’ to the call. (Hey, I’m Canadian) There is the introduction and pleasantries,(the beginning) then the actually important stuff, or what I like to call the ‘core’, (the middle) and then there is the conclusion of the call where you must say goodbye to the person. (The end) Sometimes, the beginning and the end take up more time than the actual ‘meat and potatoes’ of the communication. So, twitter gives you an opportunity to express yourself with a very condensed version of what is most important to you, your clients and your business.

(4) You can use it to target specific markets. This is always touchy for folks to absorb. You don’t really want a huge number of nice, polite, educated followers. You want to go where the money is, and allow those folks to grab their credit cards and rush in line to give it to you.

Here is an article that will help you get started thinking about how you should target your specific market.

(5) Gets your own unique Brand Noticed. Twitter can help you focus your marketing like a laser beam. Try this experiment, go on Twitter and search for a unique subject, and you will likely found a bunch of tweets that will keep you busy surfing for hours. Being on Twitter is actually more about listening than Tweeting. It gives you an opportunity to feel the pulse, and find out how other people are branding with the service.

Click here for a great Branding article from Mashable.

(6) Keeps your clients updated with the newest info. Got a cell phone? Even if its a feature phone, you can still use social media, so tweet up a storm.

Here is what one electronics store is doing to keep their clients informed with the latest.

(7) Allows you to creatively test alternative forms of marketing. There are a variety of ways to test with twitter.

Click here to find out more.

(8) Creates a sense of urgency: When reading these articles, I find that the authors almost always want to sell you something. Fair enough. Just take the main ideas, contexts and suggestions and ‘chew on them’ for awhile.

Click here for the article.

(9) Twitter will allow you to ‘partner up’ with other businesses. Whatever you do, don’t build your business unless you are helping out other businesses along the way. Sounds odd? Not at all. Go out and find businesses that compliment yours, and team up on advertising, twittering, marketing, trade shows, blogging together and much more.

Click here for a great article on cross promoting your business with another.

(10) Encourages feedback about your product or services. Are you actually asking for feedback? Most business owners find it a very clumsy venture. What do you say, how do you present it, how do you ask for input without being too pushy?

Click on this link to find out how.

(11) Piggybacks well with facebook and Google Plus. Why not combine facebook and twitter together?

Click here for an article that shows you how.

(12) Engage your client with a 2 way dialogue instead of a boring newspaper ad. Gigaom is one of my favorite bloggers.

Click here to find several different ways to use Twitter professionally.

(13) Makes your company an educational resource: If your in business, you know (or you should know) a ton of what your talking about. Your the expert, the teacher, the motivator, the marketer and everything else in between. So, it stands to reason that you have allot to contribute to people ‘out there’. Tweet about it. Then, link that tweet to your blog, then link that blog to an educational video about your business, and then…. something magic happens. You have just opened up your own private television broadcasting station without all of the expense associated with expensive film editing. And, the best part is that when you post your videos on You Tube, its worldwide in an instant.

Click here for an article on using Twitter as an educational tool

(14) Multiple people or divisions can join in and share different points of view on Twitter: Social media should be a collaboration of different ideas, concepts, stories, education and all other related information, and that should come from as many internal sources within your company as possible. Get your staff to Tweet on the road, from events, from the sales floor, when their experiencing something they think is valuable to your clients. Try it. You’ll like it.

(15) Establishes credible business links within your own local community, and allows you to compete on a global basis: This is a no-brainer. When you consistently get your message out there, educate, donate your time for your clients, and continue to build your brand, you become more legitimate with every Tweet, post, video or link your create.

Click here for an article on using practical ways to use Twitter.

(16) Can offer special ‘limited time offers’: Hey, do you experience dips or lulls in your business where just a little excitement could be the difference between a profitable quarter, or a lackluster marketing campaign? Try Twittering and letting your clients that ‘this deal has a limited time frame, and won’t be repeated’. You go to the malls, right? Don’t they do the same thing? They have sale signs all over the place, 20%, 30% even 50% off our regular price. That kind of advertising works, and works well. If you have developed a following, give your clients a great deal as well as keeping you busier doing what you love to do.

(17) It’s fun: This should have been at the top of the list, but I wanted you to read the other 16 points before you jumped to one of my favorite reasons to use Twitter. This this test. Try using Twitter for 90 days, yes, that’s 3 months, and if you don’t see any valuable contribution to your business then just walk away knowing that you didn’t have to pay some marketing company thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to take a ‘lets throw something against the wall and hope it sticks’ policy.

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