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If your looking for a ‘Mortgage Broker Assistant’, consider Liz Haynes for your projects.

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Liz is a ‘Mortgage Broker Assistant’

Liz and Rick talk about the strength of Canada’s Banking system, CRM’s and Liz’s training

Liz and Rick discuss her background and how she created her unique service

Liz explains how she develops organized relationships for her small business

Liz has strategically positioned her company to benefit her clients

Liz builds business with care

The Importance Of Your Database

Liz was very excited to come into the studio and talk to us regarding her small business. What we noticed from her visit was an ability to accurately convey a simplistic, basic and highly understandable idea of how she approaches her business. She really has to balance a two pronged approach. On the one hand, she needs to be entirely focused on the database management for the mortgage brokers because she is dealing with someone’s mortgage and the biggest investment people make in their lives. Then, she needs to touch base with the end user themselves to verify information, and that contact is the human connection on the telephone that can make an incredible difference for an ongoing business relationship.

Canada is fortunate to enjoy a much more stable banking system than some other countries, and because of that, regulations, rules as well as policies can change in an attempt to protect the consumer. A mortgage broker assistant can take care of all the back end duties that are so important to a stable group of clients.